Semiautomatic LCD Touchscreen Glass Separator Machine MT-ZDF220 compatible with Apple iPhone SE, (for LCDs up to 7")

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Semiautomatic LCD Touchscreen Glass Separator Machine MT-ZDF220 compatible with Apple iPhone SE, (for LCDs up to 7
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MT-ZDF220 is the separator machine with an external vacuum pump. The LCD module is attached to the separator platform with the sucked air flow. We recommend using it to separate the broken glass and the display module in up to 7" smartphones/cell phones or tablets.

Note! The vacuum pump is not included in the package.

MT-ZDF220 Technical Specifications

Power 220 V
Temperature range 0-400 °C
Platform power consumption 250 W
Platform size 170x100 mm
Device size 520x320x200 mm
Compatible LCD modules up to 7"

Recommended Vacuum Pump Technical Specifications

Model FY-1H-N
Power 110/220 V
Power consumption 150 W
Size 260x110x200 mm

Buy Vacuum Pump

MT-ZDF220 Operating Principles

  • Fix the wire to the shaft pulley. Then place it between adjusting rollers. (1)
  • Put the display module on the silicone pad.
  • Adjust the height of the wire location so that it fits tight to the glass. Check it in the manual mode. (2)
  • Turn the separator on and pull the Red Button aside. Set the temperature at approximately 100-120 °C. (3)
  • Adjust the motor speed. (4)
  • Button position (5)
    Button in Up position - the shaft runs clockwise, the wire moves from the left to the right respectively.
    Button in Down position - the shaft runs counter-clockwise, the wire moves from the right to the left respectively.
    Button in Middle position - the wire moves in both directions. Use the Middle position of the button to separate the glass from the module.
  • Switch the toggle to turn on the compressor. (6)
  • When the separator is heated to the required temperature, carefully move the platform forward.
  • Set the timer. (7)

Pros and Cons:

  • Pro: Easy to use. This separator securely fixes the display module to the platform even if the glass edges are broken. Due to wire adjustment accuracy the probability to damage the polarizing film is minimal. If the vacuum pump or the separator had broken, you can buy one or the other separately.

  • Con: Working vacuum pump makes light noise.

Package Contents

  • Device — 1 pc.
  • Power cable — 1 pc.
  • Silicone pad — 1 pc.
  • Wire 30m — 1 pc.



Semiautomatic LCD Touchscreen Glass Separator Machine is compatible with the following models of Cell phones
  • Apple iPhone 4
  • Apple iPhone 4S
  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 5S
  • Apple iPhone 5C
  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2
  • Samsung I8910 Omnia HD
  • Samsung N7000 Note
  • Samsung I9300 Galaxy S3
  • Samsung I9220 Galaxy Note
  • Samsung N7100 Note 2
  • Samsung I9105 Galaxy S2 Plus
  • Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4
  • Samsung N7105 Note 2
  • Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4
  • Samsung I9305 Galaxy S3
  • Samsung N7005 Note
  • for LCDs up to 7"






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