Triple DC Power Supply HYelec HY3003M-3

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Triple DC Power Supply HYelec HY3003M-3
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ID: 812011 8.7 kg 220 V
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HY3003M-3 Power Supply belongs to TRIPLE OUTPUT SERIES and has three independent output channels: two of them provide adjustible output of 0-3 A and 0- 30 V, while the third has fixed output of 3 A, 5 V DC. Both series and parallel connection is possible allowing to double the voltage or current, and outputs can be tracked relative to the master output. The highest output is the sum of twice the voltage value in series mode and the highest output current is the sum of twice the current value in parallel mode.

  • In the lower part of HY3003M-3 front panel there are output terminals and earth connectors. Each output has its separate terminal group. The first two channels have earth connectors while the third does not.
  • The device allows smooth adjustment of both parameters (current and voltage) in two modes: rough and fine. Each output has a separate potentiometer.
  • HY3003M-3 power supply has four 3-digit LED panels where output current and voltage values for each channel are displayed. Indication accuracy less than 2 %.
  • HY3003M-3 power supply protects against current and voltage overload. Overload indicator lights up when any exceeding parameter value is registered. To prevent the device from damage, the security system disconnects secondary voltage on the overloaded channel until the malfunction is removed.

Specifications of HY3003M-3 Power Supply

Output voltage

1st and 2nd channels: 0-30 V

3rd channel: 5 V

Output current
1st and 2nd channels: 0-3 A

3rd channel: 3 A

Ripple & noise


<3 mA

< 0,5 mV

Load regulation


< 0.2% ± 1 mA


<0.01% ± 1 mV

Line regulation

< 0.2% ± 1 mA


<0.01% ± 1 mV

four 3-digit LED panels

Dimensions, mm

365 x 265 x 164

AC mains power

~ 220 V ± 10 %


Number of channels
  • three-channel
  • transformer
Max. Voltage
  • up to 30 V
Max. Current
  • up to 3 A
Indicator type
  • LED indicators





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