Universal Reballing Unit BOKAR XURB-Set-S

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Universal Reballing Unit BOKAR XURB-Set-S
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ID: 10440 1.5 kg 220 V
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Bokar XURB-S set has an independent heating system, a Hot Plate XURB-H matching the reballing fixture. This heating method allows for reflow of reballed IC in approximately 2 minutes, which is 2 to 3 times faster and better than on any other heating system.

Specifically designed for XURB-S, the XURB-H unit has temperature controller with closed loop feedback, which guarantees proper heating rate and maximum temperature limit preventing reballed component damage; it also includes cooling fan, like no other unit in the industry to speed-up reballing time and make better quality solder balls.

Standard Bokar XURB-S System includes:
  • XURB-H Heating Unit with XURB-CF cooling fan
  • XURB-BF – Base with stencil holding frame. One universal frame holds the XURB-I insert specific for the IC body up to a size 40x40mm, and has one frame holding the stencil which is specific for balls pattern and size
  • XURB-I-xyz – Insert specific for an IC body size (width, lengths, thickness).
  • XURB-S-A-B-xy – Re-balling stencil matching the insert above where A is the number of balls, B - ball's pitch, and xy - IC body size.
  • Micro Squeegee
  • Tweezers
  • 10cc Paste Flux Syringe






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