AsanSam v1.7.8


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AsanSam Update v1.7.8

  • Run time error fixed (you need to unistall AsanSam and then install AsanSam 1.7.8).
  • Added Bypass Pattern unlock (via RJ45).
    • No USB debugging needed!
    • No data loss.


  1. Open AsanSam
  2. Select model and then press 'Run'
  3. Go to Pattern bypass
  4. Connect ASB BOX to PC
  5. Press R button
  6. Select com-port
  7. Connect RJ45 to ASB BOX
  8. Connect RJ45 cable to phone (phone should be on)
  9. Press bypass
  10. Go to the Settings
  11. Enable USB debugging
  12. Insert USB into the phone
  13. Install the driver
  14. Press Unlock pattern button
  15. Pattern reset is complete

Download AsanSam Dongle v1.7.8