Gevey All in One Software v2.1 is out!


Please note that this update requires a Gevey Dongle in order update card's software and firmware.

To unlock iPhone 4, 4S you should follow these instructions:

  1. Update your Gevey All in One Sim.
  2. Select an appropriate network from the list of available or enter a desired carrier's MCC and MNC codes and press "Apply Settings" button.
  3. Insert Gevey All in One card with your sim into the phone and wait for the carrier's name to appear where appropriate.

Gevey Update v2.1 Release Notes:

  • Re-included FULL IMSI modification option (will be useful for some networks on which you need the FULL IMSI in order to activate the card).

Gevey Update v2 Release Notes:

  • Added network list to the main software.
  • New software can displaying the serial number of your Gevey Card while updating.
  • Released Gevey Firmware v10.
  • Added option that allows you to apply settings without card update.
  • Due to server and security reasons the maximum possible updates were limited to 5.
  • Added Update Key option which allows users to update their Gevey securely more than 5 times for a small fee.
  • Gevey Software v1 became obsolete.