Gevey All in One Update v12


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  • Released world's first UNLOCK DELAY of the card using APPLY SETTINGS option.
    You can adjust it to a number from 0 to 254, depending on your phone modem type.

Please note that this adjustment is necessary in order to make the GEVEY SIM AIO work with all models of iPhone 4S modems on the market.

  • Lower settings are good for CDMA modems/models.
  • If your phone will reboot and will not get a signal, you can try with 10,20,30, etc. settings.
  • Higher settings might work better on old modem versions and old iOS version like 5.0.1.

This update also solves some INFINITE REBOOT problems reported by other users.

Gevey Online Update v2.5

  • Resolved some important update bugs.
  • Using this software you will get fewer errors while updating your card.

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