Gevey All in One Update v2.3


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This update solves bugs with UPDATE KEY usability. If you have problems using your UPDATE KEY please use this version or newer!

Important FAQ!

  • If you have ran out of your 5 free updates, your Gevey will be stuck in "Update Mode".
  • If you'll click "Read SN" button the software will read SN from your Gevey and restore it to the last working version.
  • If your Gevey stopped updating during the update procedure because of a failure don't use "Read SN" button to get your Gevey out of update mode.
  • It might make your Gevey unusable if the last update wasn't successful.
  • You can use this button to get your Gevey out of update mode only if your card reached the maximum number of free updates.

Gevey All in One Update Release Notes

  • Added LOG.
  • Added "Read SN" button.

Download Gevey v2.3