GSM Finder Dongle v3.0.1


GSM Finder Dongle v3.0.1 is out! Added Unlock Code Calculator for Alcatel, TCL, Vodafone mobile devices.

  • Added Unlock Code Calculator for:
    • Alcatel:
      X020S, X030S, X060S, X070S, X080S, X090S, X100x, X200S, X200x, X210S, X210x, X215S, X225L, X225S, X228L models.
    • TCL:
      I802, I806, I802X, I806D, I808X, I818, I880, I898, I900, I905, Q3, T208, T218, T255, T355 models.
    • Vodafone:
      551, 553, 945, 1230, 1231 models.
  • Fixed FTDI dll error.
  • Prolfic interface bug fixed.

Attention! Please note that GSM Finder Dongle v3.0.1 setup supports only Windows XP, 2000 and 7 (32 and 64 bit) versions.