Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.36


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Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.36 is out!

  • USB flashing improved.
  • Service operations improved:
    • Added RPL save during FlashRead, FlashErase.
    • SPR reading improved.
    • Added SL3 SimLock Restore.
    • World's first SimLock data recovery option for totally dead BB5 phones.
    • Added support for RAPUv1, RAPUv2, RAPv4, BCM phones.
  • Other:
    • Stuff files updated (tune/pm/rpl/camconfgs).
    • Added fpx files flashing support (BB5 crypted files).
    • Ini updated.

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SimLock Recovery procedure requires active Internet connection!

  • It works via Infinity-Box server and Infinity-Credits system.
  • One phone recovery price is 0 (zero) credits from 28.01.12 and will be free during several more days (test, explanation and confirmation period).
  • After test period will expire, SimLock Recovery procedure will cost 25 (twenty five) Infinity-Credits for one phone recovery.

Detailed information about Infinity-Box Online Service and Infinity-Credits

How to use SimLock Recovery procedure:

If you have a dead phone (cannot enter in Local Mode, cannot Power-On) and if you think that SimLock/security area is not damaged:

  1. Make full backup with [BEST] software!
  2. Repair phone (f.e. backup, erase, flash, repair etc.).
  3. Restore SimLock/security data from initial backup image with [BEST] software.

What is the main purpose of this operation: you do not need to pay for RPL in that situation!