LG Tool 2.07 & SG Tool 1.0.35


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LG Tool v2.07 Release Notes

World's first Direct Unlock (MEP0 reset), Repair IMEI and Debrand functions for BlackBerry phones! Added flash FW support for more new LG phones.

New LG Tool Direct Services

Read Unlock Codes for all existing & future versions, Direct Unlock / MEP0 reset, Repair IMEI, Remove Operator's Logo / Debranding (by microSD cable):

  • BlackBerry 9810 (world's first)
  • BlackBerry 9850 (world's first)
  • BlackBerry 9860 (world's first)
  • BlackBerry 9900 (world's first)
  • BlackBerry 9930 (world's first)
  • BlackBerry 9981 (world's first)
  • BlackBerry 9620 (world's first)

Flash Firmware

  • LG F100L
  • LG F100S
  • LG F12OK
  • LG F120L
  • LG F120S
  • LG L01D
  • LG L06D
  • LG P930
  • LG P935
  • LG P936
  • LG SU640

New LG Tool Remote Services

Calculate unlock codes:

  • LG D700 (world's first)
  • LG E975R (world's first)

SG Tool v1.0.35 Release Notes

Added support for more new Samsung models without rooting. Added 182 Android firmwares for fast direct unlock!

New SG Tool Direct Services

Code Reading, Direct Unlock:

  • Samsung I437 (no root)
  • Samsung T779 (no root)
  • Samsung T699 (no root)

Direct Unlock

  • Samsung P3105
  • Samsung P3105T

IMEI Repair, Direct Unlock

  • Samsung N7100T
  • Samsung S5302B
  • Samsung SHV-E210K
  • Samsung SHV-E210L
  • Samsung SHV-E210S

Read E2P Codes

  • Samsung S3570

Other changes in LG Tool, SG Tool and remote services

  • Add Auto TempRoot Android 2.1 and 2.2 Samsung phones
  • Updated Repair NVM Files
  • Added 182 Samsung Android firmwares for fast direct unlock
  • Changed Comport Detection System
  • Fixed I8190 Root Problem (now also works with SU)
  • Motorola calculation algorithm improved
  • LG calculation algorithm improved
  • HTC calculation algorithm improved

NOTE: Since v2.0 new license system for activated users is added. Please do not install LG Tool 2.xx until you purchase LG Tool license (paid activation). New users should install v1.99 first to register smart card.

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