LG Tool v2.06 is out!


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LG Tool is the only tool on the market which supports IMEI unlocking for over 3200 LG & HTC models (GSM & CDMA) without monthly payments or any other time restrictions. LG Tool is the only tool that supports absolutely free 5 LG and 1 HTC unlock by IMEI per day!

LG Tool v2.06 Release Notes

  • Added derect support for 9 new LG phones.
  • Added world's first IMEI unlock support for Optimus G Pro.
  • Price for extra LG unlock is reduced to only 1 credit per IMEI.

New LG Tool Direct Services

Read/Write NVM, Unlock, Repair IMEI:

  • LG F120K (world's first)
  • LG F120L (world's first)
  • LG F120S (world's first)
  • LG L06D (world's first)
  • LG L06DJOJO (world's first)
  • LG L06DJOJOP (world's first)
  • LG SU640
  • LG F100L
  • LG F100S

New LG Tool Remote Services

Calculate unlock codes:

  • LG F240L (world's first)
  • LG F240K (world's first)
  • LG F240S (world's first)

Other changes in LG Tool, SG Tool and remote services

  • Improved HTC calculation algorythm.

NOTE: Since v2.0 new license system for activated users is added. Please do not install LG Tool 2.xx until you purchase LG Tool license (paid activation). New users should install v1.99 first to register smart card.

Download LG Tool v2.06