Medusa Box v1.2.0


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Medusa Box v1.2.0 is out! Added boot repair and full repair for Samsung GT-S3650, GT-S7070, LG KU3700, SU370, KH8000, Huawei U8150, U8120 and Vodafone 845!

Medusa Box v1.2.0 Release Notes:

Added support for the following phone models:
  • Samsung GT-S3650 – Boot Repair.
  • Samsung GT-S7070 – Boot Repair.
  • LG KU3700 – Boot Repair.
  • LG SU370 – Boot Repair.
  • LG KH8000 – Boot Repair.
  • Huawei U8150 – Full Repair.
  • Huawei U8120 – Full Repair.
  • Vodafone 845 – Full Repair.
  • Fixed Huawei E1550 Repair (128 Mb version). Please use the latest Medusa Box version and (re)download new Repair file.
  • Added proper detection of 4K page NAND flash for MSM7K targets.

Download Medusa Box v1.2.0