Medusa Box v1.6.6


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Medusa Box v1.6.6 is out! Added support for Samsung SHW-A220S, Samsung SGH-I827, Vodafone K4511, Huawei E156G, LG P700, LG P705f, LG P705g, LG P705GO, LG P708g!

Medusa Box v1.6.6 Release Notes:

  • Added support for the following models:
    • Samsung SHW-A220S - added Dead Boot Repair.
    • Samsung SGH-I827 - added Dead Boot Repair.
    • Vodafone K4511 - added Dead Boot/Device Repair.
    • Huawei E156G - added Dead Boot/Device Repair.
    • LG P700 - added Dead Boot Repair.
    • LG P705f - added Dead Boot Repair.
    • LG P705g - added Dead Boot Repair.
    • LG P705GO - added Dead Boot Repair.
    • LG P708g - added Dead Boot Repair.
  • Released software Help (Manual) automatic downloading! From now, there are two Medusa Box Software installers that are available at the Support Area and official Medusa Box website - Full (contains all software manuals inside) and Light (without manuals). Light version weights only a few megabytes. With Light version in order to download the manual you need to click "Help" button and it will be downloaded automatically. If you've downloaded a manual previously, the software will locate it, thus you need to download it only once.
  • Fixed pinout picture for GT-S5660 in the manual (thanks to Mr. Avatar).
  • Released some improvements to the main software.
  • Repair files are uploaded to the support area.

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