MT Box Nokia v2.36.3


MT Box Nokia v2.36.3

  • SL3 RPL service started. Repair bad IMEI 123456789xxxxxxxx on all SL3 phones now is available. The phone will be restored to its factory state.
  • Installed data packages are automatically added to models list, even if not existing in phoenix.ini (phone public name is not shown).
  • Refined search for model (bug when searching for RM-5 and RM-540 is founded instead ).
  • Added support for Life Timer reset on new models (x2, x3-02...).
  • Improved 'Update' button in SL3 BForce compute. Now already computed codes will be shown.
  • Added common folder for Dynamic Camera configurations.
  • Added MT Tool v3.20 beta

SL3 RPL service provides repair of

  • IMEI like 123456654321?
  • SimLock data (contact service)
  • Superdongle key (phone turns off in 3-10 minutes)
  • APE data on smartphones ( Nokia logo long time)

Important information about SL3 RPL service:

  • SL3 ASK to RPL service cost 80 MT Box credits per phone
  • Time for SL3 RPL calculation is up to 72 hours
  • Once uploaded ASK file cannot be canceled from calculation

MT Tool v3.20 beta:

  • Fixed bug "Can't Connect to Server.123"
  • Added new button "Box Status" allowing to see
    • Your box update history
    • MT Box credits information
    • Available services for your MT Box
    • SL3 service status
    • All your unlocked SL3 phones with codes and used credits
    • All used services on MT server with prices and time
    • Box credits history