New Volcano Box Update v1.1.5.1


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Volcano Box Software v1.1.5.1 Features:

  • Added SPD 6600L easy connection to Rx, Tx.
  • Added MTK pinout reset function ("Reset pinouts" button).
  • Added world's first solution for blocked sim (Infineon-based phones).

Operation procedure:

  • Read flash file from the damaged phone.
  • Click the "Data decryption" button.
  • Choose "Algorythm3".
  • Select flash file from the blocked phone.
  • Click the "Decryption" button.
  • Put in the filename (should be different from the original file name).
  • Copy the decrypted flash file to the damaged phone.

It is strongly recommended to install new Box Drivers for stable operation. Before installation do not forget to create a Restore point of you operation system.

Download Volcano Box Software v1.1.5.1