Octopus Box LG v2.1.8 is out!


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Octopus Box LG v2.1.8 is out! Added additional support for LG S310 and improved main software!

Octopus Box LG Software v2.1.8 Release Notes

  • LG S310 - added Repair IMEI, Repair BT Address, Write Firmware, Read Phone Info.
  • LG E510 - improved Unlock procedure.
  • LG C360, LG C365, LG C375 - improved Write Firmware procedure.
  • Released some improvements to the main software.
  • Added software manuals for a wide range of supported phone models.

Octopus Box team is endlessly grateful to customers who were actively involved in improving this software.

Note. If after unlocking/repair IMEI/repair security procedure LG E510's screen is yellow (Emergency Mode), you need to write "LGE510AT-00-V10a-BAL-XXX-OCT-05-2011+0" or "LGE510AT-00-V10a-CIS-XXX-OCT-05-2011+0" firmware and perform Repair NVM and Repair IMEI procedures afterwards.

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