Octopus Box v 1.7.0


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Octopus Box v 1.7.0 is out! We have added support for for C900, C900B, C900k, and world's first support for GM600!

Octopus Box v 1.7.0 Release Notes

  • C900, C900B, C900k – added world's first Unlock, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Repair Bluetooth Address, Repair Security, Read/Write/Repair NVM, Factory Reset
  • GM600 – Unlock (by reading codes), Write Firmware, Read/Write/Repair EEPROM

Attention: To connect C900, C900B and C900k in normal mode You need:

  1. Disconnect the cable and power on the phone.
  2. In call window input ##634# and click "call" button. After this, "MFG" application will be avaliable in the list of application.
  3. Execute MFG and input password 277634#*# - You will enter Engineer menu.
  4. Go to Engineer menu –> Port settings –> USB switching and select "QC COMPOSITE".
  5. After rebooting, connect the cable and install drivers.