Octopus Suite v1.1.5 is out!


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Octopus Suite v1.1.5 is out! Added Android PhoneBook Editor.

Octopus Suite v1.1.5 Release Notes

  • Android PhoneBook Editor is released!
    Main features supported:
    • Read PhoneBook from the phone.
    • Write PhoneBook into the phone.
    • Delete PhoneBook from the phone.
    • Create New Contacts.
    • Edit Contact's data.
    • Open/Save PhoneBook to/from file.
    • Export Contact's data to MS Excel file.
  • Released some improvements to the main software.

Note: to run Android PhoneBook Editor, press "Android PhoneBook Editor" button within the "Sony Ericsson" tab in the main software.

Important: to read contacts from the phone, you need to install necessary Android phone drivers that suit your model.

Octopus Team will be grateful for the replies and your feedback on the product. Expect more enhancements and improvements in the future.

Download Octopus Suite v1.1.5