ORT JTAG (04.09.2013) is out!


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ORT JTAG (04.09.2013) is out! Added Repair Dead Boot and Repair IMEI/SN/CID features for HTC One X (PJ83100)!

New in ORT JTAG:

  • Added support for the following HTC model:
    • HTC One X (PJ83100) - added Repair Dead Boot, Repair IMEI/SN/CID
  • Added HTC_OneX.dll file

HTC One X (PJ83100) Repair procedure:

  • Insert battery and connect USB cable
  • Download HTC_OneX.dll file
  • Copy this .dll file to phones folder
  • Run latest version of ORT Plus
  • Go to Easy Mode
  • Select model and click on "Repair"