ORT JTAG Update for Huawei U8510


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ORT JTAG Tool Update (13 Jun 2012)

  • Added Dead Boot Repair function for Huawei U8510.


  • Huawei U8510 JTAG Pinouts
  • Huawei U8510 Repair File

Huawei U8510 repairing procedure:

  • Make JTAG connections
  • Connect a battery and a USB cable
  • Download "Huawei_U8510.ort" repair file
  • Place it in "phones" folder
  • Start the latest version of ORT Plus
  • Select Model -> Auto Model | Auto Model
  • Click 'Scan'
  • Go to the Repair tab
  • Select Huawei -> U8510
  • Click 'Repair'
  • Phone repair complete