Pegasus Box v1.3.4 is out!


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Pegasus Box v1.3.4 is out! Made some changes and improvements to the main software.

Pegasus Box v1.3.4 Release Notes:

  • Added support for unlock code reading of the listed below models with new security protection:
    • S5360
    • S5360B
    • S5360L
    • S5360T
    • S5363
    • S5367
    • S5369
    • B5510
    • B5510B
    • B5510L
    • B5512
    • S5570i
    • S5830i
    • S5839i
    • S6102
  • EULA was updated according to recent DMCA changes.
  • Made some improvements to the software and fixed minor bugs.

Download Pegasus Box v1.3.4