Polar Box Update v2.93


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Polar Team introduced new updates: Polar Suite v2.9.3, Panda Suite v1.5.5, SAT Tool v1.4.1 for Alcatel, Samsung and other phones.

Alcatel phones (MTK Android platform)

  • Flashing added for the first time in the world:
    • Alcatel OT-890
    • Alcatel OT-891
    • TCL A980
  • Unlock via flashing procedure (ReadCodes for next updates)
  • Write firmware
  • Change language (via Flashing)
  • Repair function (via Flashing)
  • Reset Usercode (via Flashing)
  • Working with baudrate up to 921.600 bds

New calculation method added for all Alcatel MTK phones

  • For unlocking the phones it is necesary to enter SECRO + IMEI
  • All Alcatel factory SECRO supported (9201 secros/providers upgraded)
  • The procedure is in beta mode

Alcatel MTK 8xx series: flashing procedure improved

Alcatel Qualcomm series: connection in OT980, OT981 models improved

Samsung phones (Qualcomm platform)

  • Samsung B5510
  • Samsung B5510B
  • Samsung B5510L
  • Samsung B5512
  • Samsung B5512B
  • Samsung S7230E

Added: Direct Unlock; Reset Factory functions.

Improvemets & Fixes

  • Added unlock sor for Samsung i5700 via USB (now you can use RJ45 or USB to unlock this phones).
  • Improved and added new versions for Samsung i5700 and Samsung i5800.

Other phones (different platforms)

  • Blackberry: new MEP added (MEP-40488-004).
  • Huawei G3501: calculation for some southamerican versions added (not supported before).
  • Huawei U8500: fixed bug with some versions not supported before.
  • Added support for:
    • Pantech C3
    • Pantech C300
    • Pantech C510
    • Pantech C600
    • Pantech C610
    • Pantech C630
    • Pantech C740
    • Pantech C790
    • Pantech C810
    • Pantech C820
    • Pantech P1010
    • Pantech P2000
    • Pantech P2020
    • Pantech P7000
    • Pantech P7040
    • Pantech P9020
    • Pantech P9050
    • VeryKool R13
    • Vtelca S202

Cost: 0 credits (totally free and unlimited)