Released version of Z3X Easy JTAG Suite (EMMC)!


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Released version of Z3X Easy JTAG Suite (EMMC)! Added world's first Read/Write support for Samsung W259 and Novatel MIFI2200 also added support for other Samsung, LG and HTC models!

New features in Z3X Easy JTAG Suite (EMMC) v1.0.57.0:

  • Added support for the following devices:
    • HTC Nexus One - added Read/Write, Easy Repair
    • HTC 8X PM23220 - added Read/Write
    • LG-KU6000 - added Read/Write, Beta Easy Repair
    • Samsung Anycal W2700/W270 - added Read/Write
    • Samsung W259 - added world's first Read/Write for CDMA part
    • Samsung GT-S5302 - added Read/Write, Easy Repair
    • Novatel MIFI2200 - added world's first Read/Write
  • Also added new microcontroller unit:
    • MDM6085