S-Card v3.04 and SmartMoto v4.06


Please let us introduce new versions of S-Card v3.04 and SmartMoto v4.06

With this release we are glad to introduce the easiest and the safest unlock solution on the market.

1. Reading of the NCK, NSCK, SPCK, CCK, PCK codes for all available versions of the following WX series MODELS:

  • WX160
  • WX161
  • WX180
  • WX181
  • WX260
  • WX265
  • WX280
  • WX288
  • WX290
  • WX295
  • WX390
  • WX395

2. Released save backup feature for the specified above phone models.

Check out detailed Unlock and Backup manuals for specified above WX-series models

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