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Sigma Software 1.19.00 and Sigma Firmware v1.21 are out!

Unlock for Kyivstar Terra (Huawei U8180) and Kyivstar Aqua (Huawei U8650)

Qualcomm module:

1. Added World’s first Unlock for two new Huawei Android smartphones:

  • Kyivstar Terra (Huawei U8180)
  • Kyivstar Aqua (Huawei U8650)

As always, you get easy one-click solution without unnecessary movements! Just connect the smartphone and press "Unlock" button.

2. New Android devices added to the list of supported for Direct Unlock and Repair IMEI:

  • ZTE Light Tab / V9C
  • ZTE V790

3. Database of supported firmware versions for Fast Direct Unlock was updated with 53 new versions:

Motorola smartphones:

  • 45 new versions, almost for all supported Qualcomm-models

ZTE phones:

  • F930 - 1 new version

ZTE smartphones:

  • Blade - 1 new version
  • Maxi Plus 5 - 1 new version
  • N720 - 1 new version
  • V880 - 2 new versions
  • V9 - 2 new versions

MTK module:

1. Added Unlock via patch for the following MTK-based phone models:

  • Avvio 530a
  • Sendtel EV530
  • Sendtel E510i
  • Tinno HD100
  • Verycool i315
  • Viettel V6202
  • Zonda E510

2. Made some minor improvements to the MTK module.

Sigma - thinking of you!

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