Sigma Software v.2.06.04 is out!


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Sigma supports Huawei Y530, G6, G630, G615 smartphones

Happy Halloween! Our team wishes you happy and safe unlocking ;)

Android ADB Tab:

  1. Sigma root solution:
    • Support for Huawei smartphones Y530, G6, G630, G615 with the new Huawei protection.
    • More Android versions are now supported for Root procedure.
    • More models have been added to "Autodetect" function. Please post your successful feedbacks on rooting in this thread.
    • Revoke Root Privileges function: after rooting and unlocking with Sigma, you may perform Unroot operation
      and your phone would be “cristally clean”, without any signs of previous alternation.
  2. The following models have been added to the list of supported:
    • Azumi KL50 (MT65XX)
    • Blu Dash D142K (MT6571)
    • Cellon C3668 (MT6573)
  3. Fixed some minor issues reported by our users

Qualcomm Tab:

  • Fast Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI firmware database has been updated with the following versions:
    • Amoi WP-S1: WP-S1_V28.0_AT
    • BLU D170: Q106_R16_BLU_VIVO_0.0.2_S0514
    • ORANGE UK RIO II: ORG_UK_P671A80V1.0.0B22-S
    • ZTE Z433: ZIG_AM_P671A92V1.0.0B10-S

Download Sigma Software v.2.06.04