Sigma Software v.2.10.02 is out!


Update for Pack 2 users:

Added GUINEA PIG METHOD of Unlock / Repair IMEI for:

  • ZTE Kis 3
  • Moche Smart A16 (MEO)
    During the operation the phone will reboot once.
    Full service manual can be found here

This service method can potentially work on the following Qualcomm-based ZTE devices:

  • Turkcell T50
  • Blade Apex 2 / Blade Vec 4G
  • Concord II / Compel
  • Grand X / Grand Memo II
  • Open C / Open II
  • Q505 / Q801U
  • V5 Red Bull
  • Z667t
  • Z730 / Z777
  • Z830
  • Z933 / Z970

If it’s possible to root the phone, run the required service procedure (unlock or repair), according to the provided manual. We are waiting for your logs and feedbacks.

Update for Pack 1 users:

The following models added to the list of supported for servicing with Yoda method:

  • BLU DASH JR K (MT6571)
  • BMobile AX745 (MT6572)
  • BGH Joy Smart A1 (MT6572)
  • FONDI T708B (MT6582)
  • GO Live S2 (MT6575)
  • INSYS J3A10 (MT6572)
  • Orange Luno (MT6572)
  • Oppo Neo 3 R831K (MT6572)
  • Lenovo Vibe X2 (MT6595)
  • M4tel Ss4020 (MT6582)
  • Micromax A104 (MT6582)
  • Plum X350 (MT6572)
  • Philips W3500 (MT6582)
  • Posh Orion Mini S350 (MT6572)
  • Pcd E351 (MT6572)
  • Verykool S3501 (MT6571)
  • Yezz Andy 3.5EI (MT6572)

Update for SigmaKey users:

  1. New firmware versions have been uploaded in the fast Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI database:
    • Motorola MB300: USAMOTS01TLSNA042.0R
    • Turkcell Maxi Plus 5: P752TV1.0.0B08
    • ZTE Skate: TMO_AUT_P743TV1.0.0B10
    • ZTE Z222: ATT_AM_P671B41V1.0.0B14-S
    • ZTE Z992: ATT_US_P752A15V1.0.0B22
  2. The following Qualcomm-based models added to the list of supported:
    • BLU DASH 3.5 D160i
    • HUAWEI G620S-L01
    • Vodafone Smart Tab 4G
  3. We have fixed minor customer-reported issues.

Download Sigma Software v.2.10.02