Sigma Software v.2.28.04

  1. Added board software files for repair of bricked Huawei smartphones:
    • ATU-AL10, ALE-L04, ALE-TL00, ALP-AL00, ANE-LX1
    • BLA-A09, BLA-AL00, BKL-ALX
    • COR-AL00, CHE-TL00, CLT-AL00, COL-AL00
    • DAV-703L
    • EML-AL00, EVA-L09K, EVA-AL10
    • HDL-L0JA, KII-L05
    • MLA-AL10, NEO-AL00
    • Pine-TL10, PLK-AL10
    • INE-AL00, 608HW
    • SHT-W09, PAR-L29, RIO-AL00
    • SOPHIA-L09, SLA-AL00
    • VNS-L22, VNS-L23, WAS-L01
  2. Released FRP remove feature for:
    • Moto G5S Plus XT1805
    • Moto G5S Plus XT1806
    • Moto G5S XT1794
    • Moto G5 Plus XT1685
    • Moto G5 XT1676
    • Moto G5 XT1675
    • Moto G5 XT1672
    • Moto G4 Plus XT1640
    • Moto G4 Play XT1607
    • Moto G4 Play XT1601
    • Moto E4 XT1765
    • Moto X Pure XT1575
    • Moto X2 XT1096
    • Moto G2 XT1079
    • Moto G2 XT1077
    • Moto Z2 Play XT1710
    • ZTE Blade A570

In addition, we released lots of important improvements in software and on the server side. Therefore, we recommend that you use latest Sigma version only.

Download Sigma Software v.2.28.04