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Direct Unlock for Motorola Android

1. Added Direct Unlock / Read unlock codes for the following Motorola Android smartphones based on Qualcomm CPU:

  • MB200 Cliq
  • MB200 / MB220 Dext
  • MB300 Backflip
  • MB501 Cliq XT
  • ME501 Quench
  • ME600 Motus
  • ME600 Backflip

Main benefits of the solution are:

  • Extremely fast unlocking via USB (4-6 seconds) solution.
  • The procedure is simple as 1-2-3 (connect-unlock-disconnect).
  • There's no need to root your smartphone before unlocking.
  • No need to use any third-party software during unlocking process.
  • No need to enter unlock code manually after direct unlock.
  • No user data will be lost after unlock.
  • A huge list of supported for unlock firmware versions.
  • After Direct Unlock operation phone won’t get locked again even if it’ll be flashed with the locked firmware.
  • Heuristic method which allows user to unlock the smartphone even if it has unknown firmware version.

2. Added direct unlock support for the above models with "Network unlock request unsuccessful. Number of attempts remaining: 0" issue. If incorrect unlock code was entered too many times and device rejects even correct unlock code, you should perform Direct Unlock procedure.

Well-explained unlocking manual is located at the "Help" section of Sigma website.

3. Added direct unlock for all supported Qualcomm based ZTE smartphones with old security types. Starting from this update, there’s no need to enter unlock codes manually to these kind of smartphones.

4. For investigate purposes, added Read backup option for MTK models based on MT6250 (MT6252).

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