Sigma Software v1.12.00 and Sigma Firmware v1.15 Major Update!


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With this update you get:

  1. Direct Unlock* (supports old and new security) and Read User Code features for the following ZTE models:
    • C100, CK165
    • E821, E850
    • F05Z, F100, F101, F102 , F103, F105, F106, F107, F109, F116, F158, F159, F160 AT&T, F160 / MTS-840, F165, F166, F188
    • F230, F232, F233, F260
    • F600, F870
    • F900, F912, F930, F950, F951, F952, F953, F955
    • MD Touch
    • R101, R109, R54, R7, Rio II, Jack 3G, Tactile Messaging
    • S2x
    • T100, T106, T108, T116A, T2, T203, T50, T54, T6, T7, T870, T930, T90, T95
    • U112
    • WP750
    • Z221, Z331, Z431
    • * some of these models have World’s First Unlock feature status
  2. Unique solution on the market - Heuristic method of unlocking is now available for the specified above ZTE phones as well!
    Some of the top advantages that you get are:
    • unlock ZTE phones even if they have new or not currently supported firmware version;
    • there’s no need to use any JTAGs to read flash memory from the phone with unknown firmware in order to send it to support so they can add an unlock feature;
    • smart unlock - no need to wait for the new release of Sigma Software with support of new firmware versions, you will unlocked a phone in any case.
  3. As usual, new firmware versions were added for Motorola fast Direct Unlock:
    • XT615 - 4 new versions
    • MB200 - 2 new versions
    • MB860 - 2 new versions

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