Sigma Software v1.18.00


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Qualcomm updates:

More new Huawei smartphones added to the list of supported.

1. Added Direct Unlock / Get Unlock Codes for the following Huawei models:

  • U8680 / T-Mobile Ascend G312 / Phoenix / T-Mobile myTouch
  • U8730 / Buddy / Unite Q / T-Mobile myTouch Q
  • U8800 / Huawei Ideos X5 / MTS NEO
  • U8800-51 / Impulse 4G
  • U8800 Pro
  • U8860 / Honor
  • C8860E / Honor

You can find connection procedure for the group of listed above models in the "Qualcomm manual" section.

2. Added 2 new firmware versions for Motorola EX130 Fast Direct Unlock.
It means that even more firmware versions for this devices can now be unlocked in a fast way, avoiding slow heuristic method of unlocking (in case of unknown firmware version).

MTK updates:

  • Polaroid Pro1021 Dual Sim based on MT6253 is added to the list of supported MTK models.
  • Introduced minor improvements into the MTK module.

Other improvements:

  • Added auto-start of the Smart-card service.

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