Sigma Software v1.18.03


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Release Notes:

1. Added Direct Unlock and Read Unlock Codes (world’s first solution) for:

  • Huawei U8850 / Vision

This model also supports Heuristic Method of Unlocking.

Please note that unlocking procedure for this phone is slightly different, it has to be connected in turned on state. So, don’t forget to check the manual first.

2. Fastboot lock status detect for Huawei U8815, U8818, U8825D added.
At this moment, if your phone has locked bootloader, you can either request (free) unlock password on Huawei official web site, or use 3rd party tools.

3. Added new firmware versions for Fast Direct Unlock of the following ZTE devices:


  • ZTE Blade 3 - 2 new versions
  • ZTE Blade - 1 new version
  • ZTE KIS - 1 new version
  • V880 - 2 new versions