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Qualcomm platform update:

1. Released Direct Unlock and Repair IMEI features for a new group of ZTE Android devices that are based on Qualcomm processors.


  • V9a / Light Tab 2 / Light / myPad P3 / BASE Tab 7.1 / Telenor Touch Pad
  • V9+ / ONDA TT102 / Light Tab 2 / ZTE Light Plus / MegaFon V9+


  • 008Z Simple Smartphone / 008Z SoftBank / Aglaia / Blade+
  • 009Z SoftBank / STAR 7
  • Skate 4.3H
  • V881 / Blade+ / Aglaia
  • V882 / Lord

Sigma software resets Wrong Code Counter automatically during the Direct Unlock procedure. Heuristic method of unlocking, available with Sigma only, allows to unlock these devices in case they have new or unknown firmware versions.

2. Following Huawei devices were added to the list of supported for Direct Unlock and Repair IMEI:


  • U8667 / Speed
  • U8681 / Ascent G312

3. Fast Direct Unlock firmware database was updated with the following versions:


  • MB860: 1 new version
  • XT316: 1 new version


  • Blade II: GB_P735TV1.0.0B09
  • Blade III: VELCOM_P772N10V1.0.0B04

MTK platform update:

Added unlock and service for:

  • Zonda ZMCK740 via patching (PN-SC_1V8_CN_LLNUMLD_122_YYMMDD_CAM_MCPMCP_O) - in test mode
  • Zonda ZMCK870
  • NGM Vanity

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