Sigma Software v1.26.00 and Sigma Firmware 1.28 are out!


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Qualcomm platform update:

1. Added Direct unlock feature for the following phones:


  • U1000, U1000s, U1005, U1105
  • U120, U1205, U120e, U121, U1211, U1215, U1220s, U1250, U1251, U1259, U1270, U1280, U1280E, U1285
  • U1300, U1305, U1307, U1309, U1310, U1315
  • U2800, U2801
  • U3100, U3100-1, U3100-5, U3100-7, U3100-d
  • U3200, U3200-9, U3200-S, U3200S, U3205
  • U3300, U3305, U3310, U3311, U3315, U3315h, U3317
  • U5110, U5110e, U5120, U550, U5510
  • U5700, U5705, U5707, U5900
  • U6100, U6150
  • U7200, U7300, U7310, U7310S, U7315
  • U7510, U7510-o, U7515, U7517, U7519, U7520, U7520-5, U7520-7, U7520-D
  • U9105, U9120, U9130


  • 715, 716, 720, 725, 735, 736
  • 810, 830, 830i, 840

Some Huawei / Vodafone phone models can't be detected automatically. Due to this reason you need to choose the model manually from the "Phone model" list.

Detailed service manual on how to connect and service these devices is located in the help section of Sigma website. Please check it out before you proceed to operation.

2. Added Direct unlock support for Motorola EX300. Check the unlocking manual for it before start.

3. Added Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI support for ZTE Kis Pro.

4. Fast Direct Unlock firmware database updated with the following versions:

ZTE (+ Repair IMEI):

  • Blade 3:
    • PLAY_P772N10V1.0.0B04
    • BG_P772N10V1.0.0B02
    • P772A21_EUROCOMV1.0.0B03
    • P772N10_OMDV1.0.0B04
    • ICS_P772N10V1.0.0B10
    • ICS_P772N10V1.0.0B11
    • BNO_P729VV1.0.0B04
  • Maxi Plus 5: P752TV1.0.0B11
  • N720:
    • N720_10_Z12_SP_TSDCD215B_04
    • N720_H3_Z3_SP_TSDCD213B_R5
    • N721: N721_10_Z34_S_TSDCF215B_01_R3
  • Vodafone Smart Chat: VES_P752DV1.0.0B07
  • V8403: GB_KHM_P752D01V1.0.0B04
  • V9a: GB_RELIANCE_V9AV1.0.0B07
  • V960: GB_VE_P743V1.0.0B04


  • A956: 1 new version
  • EX132: 1 new version
  • MB200: USAMOR01TFSPE1021.0R
  • MB860: 3 new versions
  • XT320: 2 new versions

MTK platform update:

1. Added unlock via patching and service for:

  • ZTE S516 Beeline KH (S01_BEE-CA-9S-P110A14V1_0_0B03)

2. Following models were tested and added to the list for unlock and service:

  • Emporia Click V32c
  • Lanix T60
  • ZTE R238
  • ZTE Grand X Pro (MT6577)

3. Fixed issue with unlock of 2nd SIM on Alcatel OT-358D.

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