Sigma Software v1.26.01 is out!


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Qualcomm platform update:

  1. Added Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI support for:
    1. ZTE Blade G (Telenor Serbia)
    2. ZTE N881F
    3. ZTE N8881E
  2. Detailed manual is located in the Help section.

  3. Fast Direct unlock firmware database updated:
    1. ZTE F101 - 1 new firmware version
    2. ZTE Blade 3 - 10 new firmware versions
  4. Fixed issue with Huawei U1000s unlocking. Also made many general improvements to work with Huawei phones.

MTK platform update:

  1. Improved work with Micron SPI flash chips.
  2. Uploaded pinout pictures for ZTE S518 and ZTE R238.

Sigma is not just a service tool, it’s a key to your success.

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