Sigma Software v1.26.02 is out!


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In this version of Sigma were made several improvements and fixed some minor issues with main software.

Qualcomm platform update:

1. Fast Direct Unlock firmware database updated with:

  • XT320, EX132 - 1 new version for each model

ZTE (+ Repair IMEI):

  • Atlas W BP_P736EV1.0.0B02
  • F107 H3G_GB_P607C5V1.0.0B010-S
  • KIS: OSP_ES_P752D20V1.0.0B1
  • SFR 501: SFR_FR_P640A30V1.0.0B04-S

2. Fixed issue with unlocking of some versions for Huawei U2800 and U5110 models.

MTK platform update:

Unlock feature for the following models was tested by users of Sigma Software and these devices were added to the list of supported:

  • PCD 1134en
  • PCD 1134enr
  • PCD 775ca

Download Sigma Software v1.26.01