Sigma Software v1.27.00 are out!


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Sigma Software v1.27.00 is out! In this version of Sigma were added support for new devices, added new features and much more.

MTK platform update:

1. Released service support for the phones based on MT625A CPUs:

Supported servicing options:

  • Direct Unlock
  • Read Unlock Codes
  • Unlock Code Calculation via IMEI and PID / Security file (Alcatel models)
  • Write flash
  • Read-Write backup
  • Read User Code
  • Format FFS
  • Phonebook backup
  • Repair IMEI (only for models with IMEI located in the file system - sc Software IMEI)

Supported Alcatel models on MT625A:

  • OT-1010, OT-1011, OT-1012, OT-1030
  • OT-2000, OT-2001, OT-2005, OT-2010
  • OT-3000G, OT-3001, OT-3002, OT-3003
  • OT-3040, OT-3041, OT-3042
  • OT-J100, OT-I210

2. Added Unlock Code Calculation via IMEI and PID / Security file for the following Alcatel cellphones on MT6576 and MT6255 (all existing PIDs supported):

  • OT-V575 / Vodafone 575
  • OT-815, OT-815D
  • OT-382, OT-A382, OT-M665
  • OT-510
  • OT-655, OT-655W
  • OT-768
  • OT-870, OT-870F, OT-871, OT-875
  • OT-902

3. The following MTK devices are added to the list of supported:

  • Lanix Z20 (MT6253)
  • SFR StarTrail III / Vodafone 975 (MT6575)
  • Verykool i604 (MT6252)
  • Zonda ZMCKFR110, ZMCK885 (MT6235)

Detailed manuals on how to service MTK phones are located in the Help section of the official Sigma website as well as phone pinouts, drivers and video tutorials.

Qualcomm platform updates:

1. The following Qualcomm-based smartphones are added to the list of supported for Direct Unlock and Repair IMEI:

  • Huawei Ascend G520
  • ZTE Blade III Pro
  • ZTE Beeline E600
  • ZTE T790 / Telstra Pulse / Next G

2. Fast Direct Unlock and Repair IMEI database updated with 15 new firmware versions for various ZTE and Motorola models.

There is a potential possibility to add more Qualcomm-based devices to Sigma. Read more.

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