Sigma Software v1.27.01 is out!


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With this version of Sigma was added support for new ZTE hotspot devices and made some other improvements.

Qualcomm platform update:

1. Added Direct Unlock / Repair IMEI for the following mobile hotspot devices:

  • ZTE AC30
  • ZTE MF30

2. Fast Direct Unlock database updated with the following versions:


  • MB200: USAMOR01ORUKE1035.0R
  • XT560: 1 new fw version

ZTE (+ Repair IMEI):

  • E821: VOD_ZA_P671A70IIV1.0.0B01
  • F160: ORG_UK_P622F2V1.0.0B07-S
  • Medion: GB_GER_MEDION_P743V1.0.0B05

MTK platform update:

1. Added Unlock via Patching and Service support for:

  • ZTE S516 Beeline KH (S01_BEE-CA-9S-P110A14V1_0_0B04)
  • Philips Xenium K700 (S01.K700_M6235A_1121_03_V05B_PG) - in the test mode

2. The following models were tested and added to the list of supported:

  • Amgoo AM213 (MT625A)
  • BLU Hero (MT6250)

3. Added support for new SPI flash chip ID: 001C3817-00000000

4. Improved external RAM operations for MT6268 platform.

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