Sigma Software v1.27.02 is out!


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Qualcomm platform update:

1. Added support of basic servicing options for Acer smartphones:

  • Read Unlock Codes
  • Direct Unlock

Other features:

  • All known firmware versions were analyzed and added to the list of supported
  • Heuristic method of unlocking, a well-known unique feature of Sigma Software that allows users to unlock a device even if it has an unknown firmware version, now is available for Acer devices
  • Show / Reset Wrong Code Counter feature (automatically, during Direct Unlock procedure)

Supported Android smartphones:

  • ACER beTouch E140
  • ACER beTouch E210
  • ACER beTouch E400
  • ACER Liquid Mini E310
  • ACER Liquid Express E320

Review of the procedure: connect powered ON phone via USB cable, install drivers, select "Diag" port and start the process. Full manual and drivers can be found in the corresponding sections of Sigma website.

2. Fast Direct Unlock (this feature for some of the added fw versions was introduced for the first time in the world!) firmware database updated with:


  • XT311, MB860 - 1 new version for each model

ZTE (+ Repair IMEI):

  • E821: VOD_ZA_P671A70V1.0.0B04
  • F101: RDS_RO_P607C3V1.0.0B05-S
  • F160: ROG_CA_P671A30V1.0.0B08-S
  • F951: ORG_ES_P608A1V1.0.0B14-S
  • Medion Life E3501: MEDION_P752D01V1.0.0B06

MTK platform update:

Zonda ZMOM340TH (MT6252) was tested and added to the list of supported for unlock and service.

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