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Qualcomm platform update:

1. Added Direct Unlock for new ZTE tablets:

  • Vodafone Smart Tab 7 / ZTE V71A / ZTE Web Tab 7
  • Vodafone Smart Tab 10 / ZTE V11A
  • ZTE V9S (Light Tab 3)

What you need to know: to set the tablet to FTM mode, press Vol+ and Power On simultaneously. Interesting facts: unlocking procedure is amazingly fast for a wide range of supported firmware versions. Moreover, these models support heuristic method of unlocking, which means that even new or unknown firmware versions will be unlocked!

2. ZTE Open (Firefox OS) was confirmed as supported for Direct Unlock and Repair IMEI. This model was supported by heuristic method of unlocking even before official release of this phone.

3. Improved communication with:

  • Huawei U8686 / T-Mobile Prism II
  • Huawei U8687

MTK platform update:

ZTE V793 was tested by users and added to the list of supported.

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