Sigma Software v1.29.02 is out!


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Sigma Software v1.29.02 is out!

One servicing tool and dozens of supported brands - complete global control upon all widespread devices.

MTK platform update:

1. Added Direct Unlock / Get Unlock Codes features for:

  • Alcatel OT-7025 / OT-7025D (MT6589)
  • Alcatel OT-8008 / OT-8008D (MT6589)

2. New MTK models were tested and added to the list of supported:

  • Azumi L1 (MT6252)
  • Blu Click Lite (MT6250)
  • Blu Tank
  • Huawei G3621L (MT6250)
  • Huawei G3621 (MT6250)
  • Huawei G5000S (MT6252)
  • Huawei G5000D (MT6252)
  • Huawei G5510 (MT6252)
  • Huawei G5520 (MT6252)
  • Huawei G5521 (MT6250)
  • Huawei G6006 (MT6252)
  • Huawei G6007 (MT6250)
  • Huawei G6153 (MT6250)
  • Huawei G6800 (MT6252)
  • Huawei G7220 (MT6250)
  • PCD A1034CAR (MT625A)
  • Prestigio MultiPhone PAP4322 DUO (MT6577)
  • ZTE Q78 (MT6268)

3. Fixed issue with phonebook backup for Fly DS111 (MT6253)

Qualcomm platform update:

Fast Direct Unlock database updated with new firmware versions for various Acer, ZTE (+ Repair IMEI) and Motorola models:

  • Acer E310 - 1.400.06
  • Motorola MB200 - USAMOR01TFSPE1021.0R
  • ZTE F116 - MTC_MD_P640A30V1.0.0B05-S
  • ZTE F950 - YOG_ES_P608A3V1.0.0B06-S
  • ZTE Blade 3 - P772N10_SRBV1.0.0B03
  • ZTE T96 - TEL_AU_P622C7V1.0.1B01-S
  • ZTE 992 - ATT_US_P752A15V1.0.0B17

You are always welcome to post logs of successfully unlocked phones in the corresponding thread at the official forum.

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