Sigma Software v1.29.03 is out!


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Sigma Software v1.29.03 is out!

The next generation of service tools is available for you now!
...and we are ready to start the Season!

MTK Platform Update:

1. New models added to the list of supported:

  • Alcatel OT-3142 (MT6251)
  • Alcatel OT-639g (MT6250)
  • Bmobile AX520 (MT6575)
  • Bmobile AX530 (MT6575)
  • Bmobile AX540 (MT6575)
  • Bmobile QW101 (MT6268)
  • Bmobile Qs305 (MT6250)
  • Blu Amgis (MT6250)
  • Fly IQ443 (MT6577)
  • Lanix Ilium S105 (MT6575)
  • Haier HG-M306 (MT6223)
  • Cellacom T285
  • Cellacon T303 (MT625A)
  • PCD CL252 (MT6253)
  • ZTE Blade Super (MT6577)
  • Zonda Zonda ZMCK875 / Zonda ZMCK890 (VIOLINIST-S05A_CKT68_L2SP_206_110818) via patching

2. Models added in the test mode:

  • ZTE V887 (MT6577)
  • ZTE V967S (MT6589)

3. Updated PID list for Alcatel models (+600 new PIDs)

Qualcomm Platform Update:

1. New ZTE models added to the list of supported:

  • Vtelca N720
  • MD-301

2. ZTE models added in the test mode:

  • A2
  • Glonass 945
  • Viettel V8502
  • Tureis
  • Kis III

3. Fast Direct Unlock database updated with new firmware versions for various models:

  • Acer S100 — 2 new firmware versions
  • Motorola XT530 — 1 new firmware version
  • Orange Boston — 1 new firmware version
  • Softbank 009Z: P855D10V1.0.0B13
  • ZTE F116: mb_H3G_IT_P640A30V1.0.0B10-S
  • ZTE F188: FST_IT_P622C1V1.0.0B03-S
  • ZTE F260: COM_CO_P621B2V1.0.0B06-s
  • ZTE Blade: VDF_P729TV1.0.0B01
  • ZTE N721: N721_10_Z2_SP_TSDCD215B_07

Greetings with upcoming International Programmers' Day!

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