Sigma Software v1.30.00 and Sigma Firmware v1.32 are out!


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Qualcomm Platform Update:

1. Added Direct Unlock / Read Unlock Codes features for:

  • Acer Liquid MT S120 / Liquid Metal

How to connect the smartphone: On the powered OFF phone, press fully Camera and Vol+ simultaneously, and then press Power On button.

2. Updated Fast IMEI Repair database for the following ZTE phones:

  • T7, F952: added 1 new version for each model

MTK Platform Update:

1. New models added to the list of supported:

  • Avvio 402 (MT6250)
  • Doro PhoneEasy 610 (MT6250)
  • Bess VZ102 (MT6223)
  • Stone ST-TC533 (MT6235)

Need unlock solution for other new and popular in your area Qualcomm-based smartphones of different brands? Name them here.

Do you have locked MTK Android smartphone? You are welcome to test unlock solution for it here.

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