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Qualcomm Platform Update:

1. Direct unlock and Repair IMEI for the new line of ZTE Android smartphones:

  • Blade V
  • Blade E / V956
  • N880F
  • N880G
  • N881E
  • N909

Connect in Download Mode: on powered off device press and hold Vol+ Vol- then insert USB cable. Find full manual and drivers at the official website.

2. Released Repair security data file for Qualcomm Alcatel smartphones. If Security data file in the device is missing or corrupted, after user's permission it will be repaired. Be aware that it works with Alcatel devices only!

3. Fast direct unlock / Repair IMEI database updated with:

  • Motorola XT615: 1 new firmware version
  • Blu Dash 3.5: 1 new firmware version
  • ZTE V6000: QB7211_80_Z5_SP_TSDCF315B_01
  • ZTE Skate: GEN_MED_P743TV1.0.0B03
  • ZTE TQ150: TQ150_TIM_FW_B15
  • ZTE N721: N721_10_Z34_S_TSDCF215B_01

MTK Platform Update:

1. The following devices added to the list of supported:

  • PCD 381 (MT6236)
  • Zonda Zm63
  • Avvio 769 (MT6575)

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