Sigma Software v1.31.00 and Sigma Firmware v1.33 are out!


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TI Platform Update::

Added direct unlock for the following line of Motorola smartphones:

  • A853 Milestone
  • A853 Milestone LatAm
  • A953 MILESTONE 2
  • MB502 Charm LatAm
  • MB502 Charm US
  • MB508 Flipside
  • MB511 Flipout
  • MB511 Flipout at&t
  • MB520 Bravo
  • MB525 Defy
  • MB526 Defy Plus
  • MB611 Cliq 2
  • ME511 Ruth
  • ME525 Defy
  • ME525 Defy Plus
  • XT701 Sholes Tablet
  • XT702 Milestone
  • XT711 Sholes Tablet
  • XT720 Milestone

Mind that you need to root the smartphone before unlocking.

Main advantages of the solution:

  • Super-1-click simple unlocking solution via usb cable (root required).
  • Works with all firmware and baseband versions.
  • Ideal solution for phones that can't be unlocked via unlock codes due to their absence in the carrier's database.
  • Supports phones with blocked counter of code entries attempts / disabled unlock code entry field.
  • Saves all user's data after unlocking.

Everything you'll need to unlock a device (manuals, drivers, etc.), you will find in the corresponding sections of Sigma website.

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