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Qualcomm Platform Update:

1. Officially added Direct Unlock (via ADB mode) for the following new Huawei smartphones:

  • U9201L / SoftBank Huawei Stream 201HW
  • U9202L / Ascend P1 LTE
  • U9501L / Ascend D LTE / HW-01E
  • G740-L00 / Orange Yumo
  • G526
  • G527-U081
  • G716
  • Y301-A2 Vitria

How to perform SP-unlock (without unlocking bootloader):

  • Root your device
  • Connect it in the powered on state with "USB Debugging" enabled
  • Select "Adb interface" in the ports selection tab and press "Direct unlock" button

Read extended step-by-step manual at the help section, find video-tutorials at Sigma YouTube channel.

2. Added Repair Security Area feature for 2 new Huawei smartphones:

  • U8951D
  • Natcom N8302 (Y210D)

3. Fast Direct Unlock database updated with new versions for:

  • Motorola MB860: 1 new firmware version
  • Motorola XT320: 1 new firmware version

MTK Platform Update:

The following new MTK smartphones were added to the list of supported:

  • Ace Caracas 2
  • Blu Dash 3.5 D161A (MT6572)
  • Blu Dash 4.0 D261A (MT6572)
  • Lanix S120 (MT6572)
  • Lenovo A369i (MT6572)
  • ZTE V809 (MT6572)

TI Platform Update:

Added Unlock / Repair IMEI support of new firmware version for:

  • Motorola MB502 BASTE_U3_02.39.7

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