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MTK Platform Update:

1. Starting from this update, you can work with phones based on MT625A and MT6260 CPU via USB cable. Now it’s faster, easier and more convenient!

Devices supported by this connection type (Direct unlock and full service)
Alcatel phones on MT625A:
  • OT-1009, OT-1010, OT-1011, OT-1012, OT-1030
  • OT-2000, OT-2001, OT-2005, OT-2010
  • OT-3000G, OT-3000H, OT-3001, OT-3002, OT-3003, OT-3020, OT-3020D, OT-3040, OT-3041, OT-3042, OT-3142
  • OT-J100, OT-I210, OT-I310
Alcatel phones on MT6260:
  • OT-1040, OT-1041, OT-1042
  • OT-3035
Other models based on MT625A and MT6260 CPUs
  • Blu Diva X T362T
  • Bmobile LQ200
  • Cellacon T303
  • Enspire A1033sgca
  • GO mobile G170
  • Lanix LX7
  • Mtn c260
  • NOA+ NYX
  • PCD A1034
  • Utstarcom A1033rrcp
  • Verykool I126 S
  • etc.

How to connect and work:

  • Open MTK tab
  • Select “MT625A/6260 usb (autodetect)” in the ports selection tab
  • Choose the operation
  • Insert USB cable into the powered off phone

Read extended step-by-step manual at the corresponding section of the official website.

2. Added support for the new group of MTK smartphones:

  • ZTE Blade Q (MT6572)
  • ZTE Blade Q Mini (MT6572)
  • ZTE Blade Q Maxi (MT6572)

Unlock manual for this group of smartphones slightly differs from the general manual, see Help section for details.

3. The following devices added to the list of supported:

  • Bmobile AX650
  • Huawei Y320 (MT6572)
  • Lanix Ilium S410 (MT6589)
  • Telma Star (MT6572)
  • Tele2fon v5 (MT6572)
  • ZTE V795 (MT6572)
  • ZTE Blade C2 (MT6572)

4. Added support for new SPI flash chip ID: 00EF6018-00000000

Qualcomm Platform Update:

Fast Direct Unlock database updated with new versions for:

  • Motorola XT320
  • ZTE (+repair IMEI)
    • F165: P622D1V1.1.0B02
    • Skate Acqua: UCELL_P772A11V1.0.0B03

TI Platform Update:

Added Unlock / Repair IMEI support of new firmware version for

  • Motorola MB525: 3.4.2-179 (EPU93_U_00.5F.00)

Flash File Area Update:

2.5 GB of flash files for Alcatel phones uploaded to flash file area at

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