SigmaKey Software v1.02


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SigmaKey v1.02 and SigmaKey Software v1.02 is out!

  • Added world's first Direct Unlock/Read Unlock Codes/Flash/Read User Code/Format FFS/Backup options for Motorola WX-306 cell phone.
  • Added exclusive feature - Export Phone Book, which allows to backup contacts from any supported phone even if the set is broken or can't be powered on properly.
  • Added support for the MTK MT6268 CPU-based cell phones.
  • Improved Flash procedure.
  • Added End-User License Agreement to the SigmaKey setup.

Important! Support of SmartMoto (*.mfw) files by SigmaKey:
SigmaKey flash files are stored in *.skf format.
Though SigmaKey supports all SmartMoto MTK flash files generated before February 1st, 2012 (before SigmaKey launch) as well.
Please note that SigmaKey will not support new SmartMoto *.mfw files generated after February 1st, 2012.

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