SigmaKey Software v1.06.00


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SigmaKey Software v1.06.00 and SigmaKey Firmware v1.05 are out!

With this release SigmaKey Team is glad to introduce following benefits and improvements:

  1. World’s First! Repair IMEI solution for the following MTK-based Motorola models:
    • EX211
    • EX212
    • WX292
    • WX345
  2. Flashing from backup copies (with "Write firmware" feature) now supports wider range of phone models
  3. Modified and improved Direct Unlock procedure for all MTK-based models
  4. Fixed following issues found in previous versions of the software:
    • Secondary hardware IMEI detection and repair for Motorola EX109
    • Hardware IMEI detect on Motorola EX212 with Samsung NOR chip ID [EC2208]
    • Improved work with Alcatel OT-C701 file system
    • Now SigmaKey will not show disabled COM-ports in device manager
    • Repair Software IMEI option (for phones with IMEI located in file system)

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