SigmaKey Software v1.08.00


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SigmaKey Software v1.08.00 and SigmaKey Firmware v1.09 are out!

SigmaKey goes multiplatform! Added Unlock Code Calculation via IMEI for all Alcatel smartphones based on Qualcomm CPU with Android OS onboard!
With this feature you get:

  • Largest and most up to date list of supported PIDs,
  • fast unlock code calculation procedure,
  • standalone and unlimited solution.

Sigma - Unlock Code Calculation via IMEI for Alcatel smartphones on Qualcomm with Android OS

List of supported Alcatel smartphones:

  • OT-908
  • OT-908F
  • OT-909 One Touch MAX
  • OT-910
  • OT-980
  • OT-990
  • OT-A909
  • OT-A990
  • OT-C908
  • OT-C990
  • OT-V958
  • T-Mobile Move

In order to use unlock code calculator you should select "Qualcomm" platform from tab menu in upper left side of the software.

Want to get unlock solution for even more Qualcomm-based models? Get acquainted with the list of wanted Android smartphones and contact SigmaKey team if you have any of the listed devices.